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We’ve compiled the following list of breast cancer and ovarian cancer resources to help you find reliable information online. If you’d like assistance finding and understanding information, our Medical Information Services team can find appropriate resources to address your medical questions. We can also help you clarify and explore a practical, emotional, or cancer treatment decision using My Personalized Decision Guide. In partnership with PatientsWithPower, we can also help you understand your treatment options and plan your treatment timeline.

Bay Area Cancer Connections’ library houses an extensive collection of cancer books, medical articles, DVDs, CDs, and periodicals relevant to your diagnosis and treatment options. Most materials are available for loan for up to three weeks. Browse our library catalog online.

Overview/Current Research Information—General

American Cancer Society:

American Society of Clinical Oncology:

American Society of Clinical Oncology:



Cure Magazine:


National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines for Patients:

National Cancer Institute:



Overview/Current Research Information—Breast Cancer

American Cancer Society:

Artemis Newsletter from The Breast Center at Johns Hopkins:

ASCO Guidelines for Breast Cancer:


Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation:

Living Beyond Breast Cancer:

Medscape Breast Cancer Resource Center:

National Cancer Institute:

OncoLink Breast Cancer News:

Patients with Power:

Susan G. Komen Foundation:

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer (National Cancer Institute):


Overview/Current Research Information—Ovarian Cancer

American Cancer Society:

Foundation for Women’s Cancer:

Medscape Oncology Ovarian Cancer News:

National Cancer Institute:

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition:


Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance:

Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide for Newly Diagnosed Women (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition):

Society of Gynecologic Oncology:

Understanding Ovarian Cancer, A Women’s Guide (Foundation for Women’s Cancer):

What Everyone Should Know About Ovarian Cancer (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition): 


Choosing Your Medical Team

American College of Surgeons Find A Surgeon Tool:

American Board of Medical Specialties Certification Matters:

American Medical Association:

Cancer Treatment Facilities by State (Patient Resource):

Find a Cancer Doctor (

Medical Board of California:

Society of Gynecologic Oncology Seek a Specialist:

The Second Opinion:

U.S. News and World Report Hospital Rankings:

Screening, Detection & Diagnosis—Breast Cancer

Are You Dense?

Breast Biopsy (Mayo Clinic):

Breast Cancer Screening (National Cancer Institute):

Breast Cancer Tests:  Screening, Diagnosis and Monitoring (

Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program:

Breast Density:


Every Woman Counts Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Service:

How Is Breast Cancer Diagnosed? (American Cancer Society):

Mammograms and Other Breast Imaging Procedures (American Cancer Society):

Mammography Facility Database (FDA):

Mammogram Fact Sheet (NCI):

Understanding Breast Changes (National Cancer Institute):

When To Screen For Breast Cancer (Susan G. Komen):

Detection & Diagnosis—Ovarian Cancer

Diagnosis (

Early Detection, Diagnosis & Staging (American Cancer Society):

Symptoms and Detection (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance):

 Understanding CA125 (Foundation for Women’s Cancer):

Cancer Risk—General

American Institute for Cancer Research:

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics:

Environmental Working Group:

The Cancer Project:

Cancer Risk—Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (National Cancer Institute):

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners:

Bright Pink:

Think Pink, Live Green (

The Women’s Health Initiative:

Zero Breast Cancer:

Cancer Risk—Ovarian Cancer

Are You at Risk for Ovarian Cancer?  (Foundation for Women’s Cancer):

Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry:

Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention (

Causes, Risk Factors & Prevention (American Cancer Society):

Understanding Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer (Foundation for Women’s Cancer):



Bright Pink:

BRCA1 and BRCA2:  Cancer Risk and Genetic Testing (National Cancer Institute):

Decision Making Surrounding Hereditary Cancer Webinar (FORCE):

Decision Tool for Women with BRCA Mutations (Stanford):

FORCE:  Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered:

Genetics Home Reference:

Genetics of Breast and Ovarian Cancer PDQ (National Cancer Institute):

Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer (UpToDate):

National Society of Genetic Counselors:



Understanding Your Pathology Report (National Cancer Institute):

Pathology—Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Testing (Lab Tests Online):

Tumor Characteristics (Susan G. Komen):

Your Guide to the Breast Cancer Pathology Report (

Pathology—Ovarian Cancer

 Ovarian Cancer Tests (Lab Tests Online):

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)

DCIS (Cancer Prevention Institute of California):

DCIS Science & Experience:

NCCN Guidelines for Patients:

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Guide to Understanding Triple Negative Breast Cancer (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation:

Triple Step For the Cure:

Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation):

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (National Cancer Institute):

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation:

The IBC Network Foundation:

Fertility and Pregnancy

Breast Cancer During Pregnancy (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):

Fertile Action:

Fertility Preservation Video (ASCO/Livestrong):

Hope For Two:

Livstrong Fertility:

Verna’s Purse:

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association:

Male Breast Cancer

A Man Diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):

Breast Cancer in Men (American Cancer Society):

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness:

The Male Breast Cancer Coalition:

Treatment Summaries—Breast Cancer

ASCO Guidelines for Breast Cancer:

Breast Cancer Treatment (American Cancer Society):

Breast Cancer Treatment and Side Effects (

Breast Cancer Treatment PDQ (National Cancer Institute):

NCCN Guidelines for Patients:

Patients with Power:

Surgery—Breast Cancer

Mastectomy Surgery Checklist (FORCE):

Surgery (

Surgery (Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation):

Surgery Choices for Women with DCIS or Breast Cancer (National Cancer Institute):

Surgery (Susan G. Komen):

Surgery for Breast Cancer (American Cancer Society):

Treatment—Ovarian Cancer

Treating  Ovarian Cancer (American Cancer Society):

Treatment Options (


Radiation Therapy and You (NCI):

RT Answers:

Radiation—Breast Cancer

Breast Brachytherapy (American Brachytherapy Society):

Radiation Therapy (

Radiation (Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation):

Radiation Therapy (Susan G. Komen):

Understanding Radiation Therapy (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):



Chemotherapy (American Cancer Society):

Chemotherapy (

Chemotherapy-A BAYS Primer (BAYS):

Chemotherapy and You:  Support for People with Cancer (National Cancer Institute):

FDA Drug Database:

Medline Plus Drugs, Herbs, Supplements:

Hormonal Therapy

Guide to Understanding Hormonal Therapy (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):

Hormonal Therapy (

Hormone Therapy (Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation):

Breast Reconstruction

American Society of Plastic Surgeons:

Breast Free – The Alternative to Reconstruction:

Breast Implants (FDA):

Breast Reconstruction ( 


Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy (American Cancer Society):

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Campaign:

Flat & Fabulous:

My Hope Chest-Funding Reconstruction for Breast Cancer Survivors:

Reshaping You: Breast Reconstruction for Breast Cancer Patients (MD Anderson):

Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act:

Metastatic Breast Cancer

Advanced Breast Cancer Community:

Clinical Trials in Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC Alliance):

Coping With Advanced Cancer: Support for People with Cancer (National Cancer Institute):

Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):

Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer (Young Survvial Coalition):

Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance:

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network:

Metastatic Breast Cancer Project:


Metastatic Trial Search:


My MBC Story:

Recurrent and Metastatic Breast Cancer (

Recurrent Ovarian Cancer

Living with Ovarian Cancer (Foundation for Women’s Cancer):

Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide for Women with Recurrent Disease (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition):

Clinical Trials—General

About Clinical Trials (ACT):

American Cancer Society Clinical Trials Matching Service:

Center Watch:

Clinical Trials Information for Patients and Caregivers (National Cancer Institute):

Emerging Med:

Stanford Clinical Trials Directory:

UCSF Cancer Center Clinical Trials:

Clinical Trials—Breast Cancer

Army of Women:

Clinical Trials (Susan G. Komen):

Clinical Trials—Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance Clinical Trials Finder:

The Clearity Foundation:


Side Effects—General

Consumer Affairs—compare reviews for wigs online:

Good Wishes:

Hair To Stay:

Just in Time Soft Hats:

Look Good, Feel Better:

Managing Cancer-related Side Effects:

National Lymphedema Network:

The Rapunzel Project:

“TLC” Tender Loving Care (American Cancer Society):

The Next Step:

Understanding the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment (Patient Resource):


Side Effects-Breast Cancer

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation:

Knitted Knockers:


National Breast Cancer Lymphedema Registry:

Side Effects (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):

Treatment Side Effects (

Side Effects-Ovarian Cancer

coming soon

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

About Herbs, Botanicals, and Other Products by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:


CAM on PubMed:

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic:


Complementary and Alternative Medicine (American Cancer Society):

Guide to Understanding Complementary Therapies (Living Beyond Breast Cancer):

Harmony Hill Retreat Center:

Medline Plus Drugs, Herbs, Supplements:

National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health:

Natural Medicines:

Office of Dietary Supplements (NIH):

Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians:

Search Dietary Supplements on Pubmed:

Society for Integrative Oncology:

Society for Oncology Massage:

Thinking About Complementary and Alternative Medicine (National Cancer Institute):


Nutrition and Exercise

American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR):

Cook for Your Life, Recipes:

Eating Hints Before, During and After Cancer Treatment:

Healing Foods Pyramid (University of Michigan):

Heal Well, A Cancer Nutrition Guide (AICR):

Living Strong Living Well:

Nutrition and Breast Cancer (UCSF):

Nutrition and Physical Activity During and After Cancer Treatment: Answers to Common Questions:

Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors:

Nutrition for the Person with Cancer During Treatment:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Pink Ribbon Program (Peninsula Jewish Community Center):

Sunflower Wellness:

The Cancer Fighting Kitchen, Recipe-Box:


After Treatment Ends:  Tools for the Adult Cancer Survivor (Cancercare):

Cancer Survivorship (American Society of Clinical Oncology):

Cancer Survivorship: Next Stages for Patients & Their Families (American Society of Clinical Oncology):

Facing Forward: Life After Cancer Treatment (National Cancer Institute):

Journey Forward:

OncoLink Survivorship Care Plan:

Survivorship—Breast Cancer

Follow up Care for Breast Cancer (American Society of Clinical Oncology):

Johns Hopkins Survivorship Online Seminar Series:

Survivorship—Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan (Society of Gynecologic Oncology):

Ovarian Cancer Survivorship (

End of Life

Advanced Cancer (

Bill Wilson Center for Living with Dying:

Caring Info:

Death with Dignity:

End of Life Care: Questions and Answers (National Cancer Institute):

Five Wishes:

Grief, Bereavement, and Coping with Loss PDQ (National Cancer Institute):

Hospice Foundation of America:

Hospice By the Bay:

Hospice Net:

Hospice of the Valley:

Kara Grief Support:

Mission Hospice & Home Care:

National Association for Homecare and Hospice:

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization:


The Conversation Project:

The Legacy Project:


Facing Forward: Making a Difference in Cancer (National Cancer Institute):

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship:

Research Advocacy Network:

Advocacy—Breast Cancer

Alamo Breast Cancer Foundation Patient Advocate Program:

Breast Cancer Action:

California Breast Cancer Research Program:

FORCE Research Advocate Program:

Metastatic Breast Cancer Network:

National Breast Cancer Coalition:

Sisters Network Inc:

Susan G. Komen Advocate in Science:

Young Survival Coalition:

Advocacy—Ovarian Cancer

Survivors Teaching Students:

Emotional Support

APOS Helpline:

Cancer Care:

Cancer Care Point:

Cancer Support Community:

Friend For Life:

Imerman Angels:

Lacuna Loft:

Livestrong Cancer Navigation:

National LGBT Cancer Network:

Reach to Recovery (American Cancer Society):

Shanti’s Margot Murphy Women’s Cancer Program:



Stanford Supportive Care Program:

Support Connection:

Taking time: Support for People with Cancer (National Cancer Institute):

The Ida and Joseph Friend Cancer Resource Center:

Women’s Cancer Resource Center of Oakland:

Women Care:

Emotional Support—Breast Cancer

After Breast Cancer Diagnosis:

Bay Area Young Survivors:


Living Beyond Breast Cancer:


Young Survival Coalition:

Emotional Support—Ovarian Cancer

Cancercare Ovarian Cancer Online Support Group:

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition CancerConnect:

With a Little Help From Her Friends (Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation):

Community Support

Care Pages:

Caring Bridge:

Lotsa Helpling Hands:

Meal Train:

My Cancer Circle:

Family, Friends & Caregivers

Camp Kesem:

Camp Erin:

Cancer Really Sucks:

Caregiver Action Network:

Caregiver Support Services from Cancercare:

Caring for the Caregiver:


Coping as a Caregiver (American Cancer Society):

Coping with Cancer:  For Caregivers, Family and Friends (National Cancer Institute):

Facing Forward: When Someone You Love Has Completed Cancer Treatment (NCI):

Group Loop for Teens (Cancer Support Community):

Helping Children When a Family member Has Cancer: Dealing With Diagnosis (American Cancer Society):

Kara Grief Support:


Kids Konnected:

Mothers Supporting Daughters with Breast Cancer:

Telling Kids About Cancer:

When Someone You Love is Being Treated for Cancer: Support for Caregivers (National Cancer Institute):

Home Care, Transportation and Practical Assistance

Air Charity Network:

Angel Airlines for Cancer Patients:

Care Indeed:

Cleaning for a Reason:

Corporate Angel Network:

Drivers for Survivors:

Home Care Assistance:



Matched Caregivers:

National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses:

Road to Recovery:

Seniors At Home:

The Shanti Project:

Visiting Angels:

Financial Resources

Benefits Check Up (National Council on Aging):

Cancercare Financial Assistance Program:

Cancercare Financial Assistance Database:

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition:

Cancer For College:

Cancer in the Family Relief Fund:

Drug Reimbursement and Patient Assistance Programs (Association of Northern California Oncologists):


Financial Considerations (American Society of Clinical Oncology):

Good Days Patient Assistance:

Hair To Stay:

Healthwell Foundation:

Hill Burton Free and Reduced Cost Health Care:

National Financial Resources Directory (Patient Advocate Foundation):

Partnership for Prescription Assistance:

Patient Advocate Foundation Co-Pay Relief:

Patient Services Inc:

Rx Assist:

Sense of Security:

Social Security Disability Resource Center:

The Sam Fund:

The Second Opinion:

Financial Resources—Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Emergency Fund:

Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program:

Disability Benefits Help:

Every Woman Counts:

Help Now Fund:

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation:

Jill’s Wish:

Remember Betty:

Right Action for Women MRI Assistance:

The Catherine H. Tuck Foundation:

The Pink Fund:

The Provision Project:

Financial Resources—Ovarian Cancer

Disability Benefits Help:

Legal Resources

Bay Area Legal Aid:

Cancer and Careers:

Cancer Legal Resource Center:


Patient Advocate Foundation:



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