15 Beautiful Hat Patterns


Kyle Kunnecke, a designer in San Francisco, has selected Breast Cancer Connections for Good Deeds, his first anthology of knit patterns. This $15 e-book includes 15 unique hat patterns donated by generous designers from the United States and Canada. With techniques including entrelac, lace, stranded knitting and even crochet, this collection has something for everyone. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the e-book are donated to Breast Cancer Connections!

  • Purchase the e-book for yourself, or as gifts for friends this holiday season.
  • Use the patterns to make some hats for breast cancer patients and donate them to Breast Cancer Connections. Have each member of your craft group purchase a copy of the collection (raising money for BCC), and then do a drive to make and donate hats. Mail them in with notes of support as a goodwill group effort
  • Blog/Chat/Share the good deeds: Talk with your online and social media friends about the collection and the importance of self exams, checkups, and preventative care. Use your voice to provide support to others. Contemplate and discuss other ways to help others in your community