Financial Resources in the BCC Library

Cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment can be expensive. And managing the financial issues associated with care can provoke anxiety, denial, or fatigue. But there are many resources available to help cancer patients, and there are people to assist you with finding the help you are eligible to receive. Breast Cancer Connections has information on financial resources from insurance co-pay assistance through help paying for travel to clinical trials.

Visit BCC to pick up brochures from many of these organizations, or call the Helpline (888-222-4401) if you’d like more guidance finding a resource to fit your needs.


Health Insurance

What Cancer Survivors Need to Know About Health Insurance (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship)


Paying for Screening & Diagnosis

Cancer Detection Program, Every Woman Counts (for women over 40)

Gabriella Patser Program (for women under the age of 40 or men of any age)


Care-Related Costs *

Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition

Shanti Lifeline Breast Cancer Services (multi-lingual care navigation, meal assistance, and more for underserved patients in San Francisco)

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation (post-surgical products)

CancerCare Financial Assistance


Non-Care Costs

The Pink Fund (up to 90 days non-medical financial relief)

The National Financial Resources Guidebook for Patients (Patient Advocate Foundation)


Traveling for treatment

Lifeline Pilots

Air Charity Network

Angel Airlines for Cancer Patients

Corporate Angel Network

National Association of Hospital Hospitality Houses


Household Help

Cleaning for a Reason


Employment Rights

Working It Out: Your Employment Rights As A Cancer Survivor (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship)


Fertility Preservation

Verna’s Purse


For information on co-pay relief, check out this post from our blog