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Information & Practical Help

Information & Practical Help

Bay Area Cancer Connections can help you find and understand information about your diagnosis and treatment options. As clients and families become more knowledgeable about cancer, they often find the fear and anxiety that accompanies a diagnosis can be significantly diminished.

Medical Information Services

Our Medical Information Services team can:

  • Explain your pathology report
  • Find appropriate resources to address
    your medical questions
  • Explain standard treatment guidelines
  • Navigate our library
  • Locate clinical trials
  • Explore a personal decision using
    My Personal Decision Guide
Medical Information Services Team
  • Erika Bell, Ph.D.

Free of charge. By appointment (650) 326-6686 or toll-free (888) 222-4401.

Ask an Expert: Breast Cancer Q&A

Client attendance at our Ask an Expert:  Breast Cancer Q&A program has dramatically declined over the past several years.  Recognizing this decline, we made attempts to boost attendance by changing the name and the frequency of the program.  We also surveyed our clients to hear their thoughts about the program and have consulted our Medical Advisory Group and our Board of Directors.  Despite these efforts, attendance remains low, and so we have made the difficult decision to put the program on hold for the time being.  For your medical information needs, please refer to our Medical Information Services.


Our library houses an extensive collection of cancer books, medical articles, DVDs, CDs, and periodicals relevant to your diagnosis and treatment options.  Most materials are available for loan for up to three weeks.

Circulating Books About:
Dealing with the diagnosis
Complementary & alternative medicine
Caregiver and support roles
Life after treatment

Resource Information:
Clinical trials: what they are, types, where they can be found
Providers of equipment and services
Support groups in the area
Resources for caregivers/family/friends
Help with employment/financial issues

Interpretive Information:
News reports
Explanations of current research advances
Motivational/inspirational articles
Practical advice
Alternative/complementary medical information

Peer Reviewed Scientific Publications:
Abstracts of research studies
Reviews of research
Guidelines to understand treatment and doctor recommendations
Analyses of research studies

My Personal Decision Guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the decision making process? While BCC does not offer advice, we can help you clarify and explore a practical, emotional, or cancer treatment decision using My Personal Decision Guide. A trained volunteer or staff member can guide you through the decision making process, explore the benefits and risks of each option, and identify your needs.

To schedule an appointment please call the Helpline (650) 326-6686. If you’re unable to visit our center, we’re happy to walk you through My Personal Decision Guide over the phone.

My Personal Decision Guide


A volunteer specialist can answer questions and offer strategizing and support regarding employment, employee benefit concerns, and health insurance.

Free of charge. Call (650) 326-6686 or toll-free (888) 222-4401.

Annual Conference

Our Annual Conference is an opportunity to share knowledge, and inspire hope. This highly regarded conference brings together over 300 attendees, including breast cancer patients and survivors, medical professionals, therapists, and health educators.

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Online Resources

Research News

Research Tips

When visiting websites for health-related resources please keep these questions in mind:

What is the purpose of the site?

What or who is the source?

How current is the information?

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