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Bay Area Cancer Connections has thrived in fulfilling its mission with the support of a generous, caring community. We strive to offer a wide variety of opportunities for people to get involved and give back. We’re happy to help you design a promotion or an event that works for you.

Apply today so we can endorse your promotion and the use of our name and logo. Then we’ll send you our fundraising toolkit to help make your promotion successful!

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Shopping Day

Your retail store hosts a shopping day (in store or online) and donates a portion of the day’s sales.


Product Promotion

Your company designates a percentage of online or in-store sales from a special product or products

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Create Your Own Event

Individuals, groups, or companies host a fundraising event and raise money through crowd funding, sales, or auctions.

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Partnership Benefits

  • Premium visibility and product promotion with BCC’s network of supporters.
  • Partnership with a trusted, well-regarded organization.
  • Positive impact on those touched by breast or ovarian cancer that involves employees and consumers in the cause.
Third Party Event Tax Deduction/Donation Receipts Regulations

Tax deduction or donation receipt for in-kind goods donated to your event:
A person, company, or venue that makes an in-kind good or service donation to your event is not eligible to receive a tax deduction or donation receipt for their donation. They are making the donation as a goodwill gesture to you, who is also doing something out of good will to benefit a charity. Usually the best way for a business to handle giving a good or service is to write it off as a business expense as opposed to a charitable donation. Even for Bay Area Cancer Connections hosted events, we are not allowed to provide a tax deduction letter for in kind goods, per IRS code. The donor just receives an acknowledgment of the items donated and it’s up to them and their accountant to figure out if any tax deduction is warranted based upon IRS code.

Cash donations at event that include cash jar, ticket price, or silent auction bid:
Since this is a third party event, you or Bay Area Cancer Connections will be unable to provide a tax deduction or donation receipt for any cash collected at or for the event.   As the host of this event, you will collect these funds, and distribute them to Bay Area Cancer Connections (preferably by check).  Any checks made out directly to Bay Area Cancer Connections at your event are eligible to receive a tax-receipt from BCC.

Donation directly to Bay Area Cancer Connections:
If someone at your event wants to make a tax deductible donation to Bay Area Cancer Connections, they absolutely can do so. They just need to write a check made out to Bay Area Cancer Connections or they can go online and make a donation on our website. Please ask them to make note of your event in the memo section of the check or in the comment section online. Checks written for tickets or silent auction items must be more than the value of the goods and/or services received to be eligible for a tax deduction.

Do you get a tax deduction/donation receipt as the host?
You are eligible for a tax donation for a personal donation you make directly to Bay Area Cancer Connections. However, per IRS regulations, you are not eligible to receive a deduction for the amount raised and donated through the event or any in-kind goods or service spent on the event.

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