Mother’s Day Card Art Contest for Kids

We’re looking for budding artists to create our 2017 Mother’s Day card!

Ask your little one to draw the two of you doing your favorite activity together (such as baking, hiking, playing games, or vacationing).

Selected artwork will be on the cover of Bay Area Cancer Connections’ Mother’s Day card. These special cards will be mailed to women who are honored by their family and friends through a meaningful donation to Bay Area Cancer Connections. Donations will provide support programs for women touched by breast or ovarian cancer. For more information about the campaign please contact Kelly Spaulding, Development Manager at or call (650) 326-6686, ext. 18. 

Deadline: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ages: 12 and under

Submit to: Attn: Art Contest, Bay Area Cancer Connections, 2335 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306

Art contests offer children some great life lessons:

  • Guidelines and a deadline give a child a specific goal to work toward.
  • The process of creating the artwork itself builds self-confidence, as the child goes from an “I can’t draw” mindset to one of “I can enter this contest—and I might win!”
  • The art children enter should be their best work (it doesn’t matter the skill level), teaching them that no matter what they do, they should do it well.
  • If they win, there’s the fun of the reward and learning to be a gracious winner.
  • If they don’t win, there’s the practice of dealing with disappointment and being a good sport.
  • Win or lose, when your child creates a piece of art and enters it in a contest, she has tried, which is the first step to success.