Book Review: Sexy After Cancer: Meeting Your Inner Aphrodite on the Breast Cancer Journey by Barbara Musser

Cordova, TN: Sexy After Cancer LLC and SAC Publishing (2012)

sexyaftercancerBarbara Musser is an intimacy and sexuality educator, and a breast cancer survivor. Her book, Sexy After Cancer, addresses three broad areas of sexuality: healing and self-acceptance, communication, and practices and exercises (both physical and emotional). Readers who purchase their own copy of the book can also download audio versions of many of the meditations and exercises.

Musser describes herself as someone who “nurtures and protects the woman’s memory” of her breast cancer journey. Her writing style is generous and encouraging, and she includes episodes from her own experience to describe the process of developing a sexual identity after treatment. She uses questions (“did you feel sexy before your diagnosis?”), observations (“I made myself crazy trying to figure out why it happened to me”), and lessons (“the good news is that confidence can be cultivated”) to help readers relate the lessons here to their own experience.

Although the personal and spiritual aspects of the book may not suit every reader, the tone is direct, and the book should be accessible to readers without a spiritual practice. Overall, the book is a supportive and useful guide for anyone looking to understand the good and bad things that happen to self-image and sexuality following breast cancer.