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Our People

Meet the Team

Our organization is bound by a shared commitment to helping people touched by breast or ovarian cancer. Our Board of Directors and Staff work together to maintain financial and programmatic transparency, and a Medical Advisory Group of physicians who ensure that Bay Area Cancer Connections provides current and medically accurate information to clients. Over 300 volunteers provide services to clients as well as assist in the day-to-day operations of our center, including our Helpliners.


Rina Bello

Executive Director
(650) 326-6299, ext. 12

Colleen Kleier

Director of Programs & Services
(650) 326-6299, ext. 13

Amy Moody

Executive Assistant

(650) 326-6299, ext. 16

Erika Bell, PhD

Manager of Medical Information

(650) 326-6299, ext. 15

Laura Castleman

Development Coordinator

(650) 326-6299, ext. 17

Sonia Sifuentes

Program Associate

(650) 326-6299, ext. 11

Jennette Gonzalez

Manager of Volunteer Resources

(650) 326-6299, ext. 16

Brenda Ramirez

Patser Program Assistance

(650) 326-6299, ext. 14


Helpline Volunteers

Below are the women who serve as Helpliners, greeting callers and walk-in clients. They introduce clients to our programs and services and help connect them with the resources they need. Many of them are breast cancer survivors.

Catherine Coe

Helpline Volunteer

Judith Cornez

Helpline Volunteer

Beth Solomon-Casper

Helpline Volunteer

Karlette Warner

Helpline Volunteer

Linda McIntyre

Helpline Volunteer

Board of Directors

President – Erin Macartney
Vice President – Ann Kane
Secretary – Elizabeth Day
Treasurer – David Braker
Co-Founder – Jill Freidenrich

Jonathan Berek, M.D.
Julie Brooks
Frank delaRama, R.N.
Jennifer Gallo
Kathleen Horst, M.D.
Liz Kniss
Amy Moody
Guillermo Morantes
Mika Nishimura
Mark Simon
David Spiegel, M.D.

Medical Advisory Group

Chair – Frank delaRama, R.N., M.S.
Harriet Borofsky, M.D.
Monique de Bruin, M.D.
Sarah Donaldson, M.D.
Jocelyn Dunn, M.D.
Diana Guthaner, M.D.

Daryl Hoffman, M.D.
Juliet Kral, M.D.
Jane Marmor, M.D.
Nancy Mason, M.D.
Lynn Smolik, M.D.
David Spiegel, M.D.


Emeritus Board

Chair – Fran Codispoti
Maria Allo, M.D.
Carol Bartz
Jeff Belkora
Leslie Berlin
Della Bouligney Johnson
Elizabeth Day
Marcia Goldman
Diana Guthaner
Margaret (Meg) Gutierrez
Phyllis Hall
Judy Hamilton
Sue Hoffman
Andrea Johnston
Jeanne D. Kennedy
Joan Lane
Marcia Levy
Janet K. Littlefield
Judy Marcus
Terry Markle
Marta Nichols
Karen Nierenberg
George Patser
Michael Pierantozzi
Paula Powar
Sally Rau
Anne Ream

Marcia Rehmus
Linda Romley-Irvine
Maureen Dooher Ryan
Dianne P. Schilling
Beth Shuman
Beverly Smith
Hilary Valentine
Jeanne Ware
Karlette Warner
Linda Williams

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